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Mark’s Copy is the invisible driving force that brings awareness, traffic and sales to your business. We offer decades of successful advertising and marketing experience -- we call it Sales Solutions -- for every aspect of your market. Whether it is fashion and cosmetics, travel and tourism, real estate and redevelopment, or Medical Marketing, our new physician’s practice division; the Mark’s Copy team will keep your business highly visible.

Mark’s Copy offers over 100 years of advertising and promotional experience. We make it our Number 1 priority to understand your business and your market before we ever create a concept, plan the media and execute the campaign.

That’s how we were able to take a Zero Dollar TAM Brazilian Airlinesstart-up airline and help turn it into a $46 million dollar carrier in only two years. How we could successfully promote a Celotex Building Productsmundane insulating material to the nation’s farmers. It is the way we helped turn a small French import into a nationwide Sothys USApowerhouse. How we maintained dominance for an upscale men’s fashion chain.f.g. bodner And the successful manner in which we introduced new product lines for a national manufacturer. Armstrong Cork Company And won our share of awards for doing it.

But it is not the awards that are important. It is the rewards our clients see in recognition, sales and their bottom line. Mark’s Copy creates viable Sales Solutions, whether you’re selling a product or a service to the public or the trade.