Although TAM Brazilian Airlines is a well-respected, privately-owned carrier throughout South America, it was virtually unknown to North American travelers. Their office was small and empty and the principals sat, with the Mark's Copy marketing team, on empty computer boxes for their first meeting. Then, in late 1997, TAM ventured into the international market with a single nightly flight from Miami, Florida to Sao Paulo, Brazil.
TAM's product - exceptional service and state-of-the-art aircraft at a ticket price higher than the competition - was a perfect match for travel-weary executives who make regular trips from the South Florida gateway to Brazil. While TAM's Airbus A330/200 also flew First and Economy Class, we focused on those Business Class travelers - corporate, high-end executives in the United States - who book business trips to Brazil regularly, via their travel agents and corporate travel planners. Essentially, TAM would tap a market yearning for comfort and dependability on those tedious eight-hour flights.
We weren't wrong. TAM's acceptance was phenomenal. Dependability and comfort were what today's business travelers wanted. By the second year, TAM had added a morning flight from Miami to Sao Paulo and, in their third year, a nighttime flight from Miami to Manaus, that continued on to Brasillia. In just its second year, TAM had grown from a $0 startup to an airline grossing $46,000,000. Year three was estimated at $64,000,000. With just three flight per day.

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